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L'atelier 4.0 - Formation pour entrepreneurs


We develop our training programmes with you

L’ATELIER 4.0 works hand in hand with participants to build differentiated and personalised support and learning journeys in line with each individual’s pace, capabilities and preferences. When you contact us, we advise you on the choice of training and answer your questions regarding content. The instructor also ensures that the training meets your needs. He/she then shares with you the resources necessary to establish the working environment, even a few points of the programme to get a head start.

We give you time to learn at your own pace; we advocate learning by doing

Our courses are designed to foster the progressive assimilation of knowledge. They adapt to the pace and needs of each individual, offering a variety of learning formats. Accordingly, we allow time for open discussions with the instructor at the end of each course. We consider that there is nothing like doing things on your own to understand and take ownership of new concepts. This is why more than two thirds of the training time is dedicated to implementation.

We teach each method in
its own ecosystem

When you take a course, you develop your skills relative to an approach, method or tool. But there’s more than that: you also discover the instructor’s feedback, the ecosystem, the community, the market, the trends, etc.

We work only
whith passionate people

To offer you quality training, our instructors are competent, skilled teachers, curious and attentive. They are above all professionals who practice their discipline on a daily basis, monitor developments and are involved in their communities.


Offsetting CO2 emissions

Reforestation, a commitment for the future. With Reforest’Action, L’ATELIER 4.0 is financing a reforestation action on a forest plot in Viam in Corrèze. This approach is long-term and consists of three commitments:

  1. Measuring and communicating the carbon footprint of the company every year,
  2. Compensation our carbon footprint via a reforestation project carried out by Reforest’Action,
  3. Rallying our stakeholders around the process.

1 tree planted for every client mission. Reforest’Action and L’ATELIER 4.0 share the idea that environmental issues must be addressed by all economic actors, big or small, industrial or not. This is why we wanted to correlate the number of trees planted with the new missions carried out each year. Thanks to the plantation, we can offset the carbon footprint of all our corporate actions. By offering one tree per mission, we also choose to associate each of our clients to our vision of responsible entrepreneurship.

Since its creation in 2017, L’ATELIER 4.0 has planted 72 trees !

L'Atelier 4.0 engagé dans la reforestation


L’ATELIER 4.0 takes pride in the trust of our loyal customers. In return, we remain committed to their success day after day.